Kanulock Lockable Tie-Downs Yellow 13foot / 400cmsku:RTL-KAN4000

Kanulock Lockable Tie-Downs Yellow 13 ft / 400 cm

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You love your board and/or kayak and don't want to see it stolen.

Most of the time, you will leave your gear on a rack in public places such as beaches, campsites, etc. If someone steals it while you are not looking, there is nothing that can be done about it.

Stop opportunistic theft with Kanulock Lockable Tie-Down Straps!

The straps come with two keys so that both ends can be locked together securely by a key and your board or kayak cannot be slid out from under the strap.

It also has stainless steel cables reinforced inside the straps which make them impossible for thieves to cut through with knives.

These lockable tie-down straps are easy to use and convenient to carry around since they fold up into a small size when not in use.


  • Includes 2 x straps, 2 x keys.
  • 4.0M / 13FT in length.
  • Lockable.
  • Reinforced with 2 x 4.0MM Braided Stainless Steel cables.

Best Suited For:

  • 3+ Longboards
  • 2+ SUP's
  • 2 x Wide SUP's
  • Sit On Top Wide & Double Kayaks
  • Fishing Kayak
  • Medium & Large Canoes

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