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Hobie Standard Plug-In Cart

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The Hobie Standard plug-in cart is the original plug-in Hobie kayak wheelcart. Extremely durable Tyres and strong spoked wheels.


The Hobie Hobie Heavy-Duty Plug-in Cart plugs directly into the bottom of your Hobie kayak through the scuppers and are constructed of a sturdy, welded stainless steel frame. Removable wheels for easy storage. A must-have item for transporting your kayak to the water’s edge.

* Note Tandem Island use issue


  1. Removable 26cm Wheels – Wheels are easily detached for storage
  2. Stainless Steel Frame – Lightweight, sturdy construction
  3. Cart Keeper – Keeps the cart attached to the scuppers
  4. Post Collar Clamps – Helps reduce direct hull load on the cart by displacing load at the scuppers


  • 68 kg (150 lbs) capacity

* Note Tandem Island use issue: Plug in carts are not recommended for the Tandem Island due to weight. Using a plug in cart can damage the scuppers or deck area in the hull.

Cart Warning:

Do not overload. Not for towing or for speeds faster than the average walking pace. Not for long hauls or stairs. Check cart fit carefully to be sure tyres do not rub hull, on scupper versions that the posts fit clear through to the cockpit. Heavier model kayaks may require sleeves below cart clamps to keep hulls from contacting wheels. Not for prolonged use/storage. Incorrect use can damage or distort hulls.

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