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Hobie Dolly Tuff Tyre, Pro Angler 17

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The Hobie Tuff Tyre Dolly will safely transport larger, heavier models such as pro anglers and islands, or transporting kayaks loaded with gear, over solid surfaces such as pavement and concrete.

The Hobie Trax Dolly Cart is the best option for transporting larger, heavier models such as Pro Anglers and Adventure and Tandem Islands, or transporting kayaks loaded with gear.

The Dolly is stronger and easier to load and use than plug-in carts for larger, heavier kayak/boat models.

Two different wheel styles allow for optimum performance on hard pack or soft and sandy surfaces.

Choose beach wheels for use over soft sand or other soft surfaces.

Choose the tuff tyre if your launch surfaces are solid, like pavement or concrete.

The long pull handle makes it easier to insert or remove the cart from under the boat or pull along with unloaded.

The handle also acts as a "kick-stand" to keep the cradle upright during loading.

The handle and tyres/wheels are easily removable for storage.

The Pro Angler / Universal dolly will fit a wide variety of Hobie Kayaks including:

  • Pro Angler 12
  • Pro Angler 14
  • Outbacks
  • Oasis

Highly recommended for use in Hobie Pro Angler 12, Pro Angler 14, Pro Angler 17T – as well as Adventure and Tandem Island models.


  1. Hull pad protects the hull of your boat, providing padded support
  2. Hull & Ama cradle built-in
  3. Pull handle simplifies the loading process and acts as a kickstand for keeping the cradle upright

Dolly Warning:

Do not overload. Not for towing or for speeds faster than the average walking pace. Not for long hauls or stairs. Check cart fit carefully to be sure tyres do not rub hull, on scupper versions that the posts fit clear through to the cockpit. Heavier model kayaks may require sleeves below cart clamps to keep hulls from contacting wheels. Not for prolonged use/storage. Incorrect use can damage or distort hulls.

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