Fishing Kayaks

Mirage Lynx Fishing Kayak

The new Mirage Lynx delivers performance in an unbelievably rugged and lightweight design.

Weighing just over 20kg, you can gain access to many fishing spots that are too hard for our larger fishing kayaks.

Stability and manoeuvrability are provided by its flat-bottom design, this kayak is a catch!

The Mirage Lynx's lightweight and flat-bottom design make it a breeze to transport. You can easily load the kayak onto your car by yourself with its rear loading skid pads, and quickly get in on tranquil waters for an adventure you'll never forget!

Mirage Pro Angler 360 Fishing Kayaks

Introducing the Pro Angler 360 Fishing Kayak Series, a new fishing kayak that changes everything. With 360 Drive and Kick-Up Fin technology you get power in every direction making it easier to land your next catch.

This game changing Pro Angler is built around 360 Drive Technology for all of your kayak fishing needs so you can easily reel them in. This ultimate fishing kayak provides anglers with the ultimate edge with enhanced stability, superior comfortability, and an innovative concept for catching fish!

Mirage Pro Angler Fishing Kayaks

Hobie's Mirage Pro Anglers with the MirageDrive 180 Turbo with Kick-up Fins are a fishing kayak with everything you need to catch fish. These pedal-powered kayks have a huge range of features straight from the factory - making them perfect on long trips out into open water!

If you're looking for a pedal-powered kayak that will give you everything you need to reach the best fishing spots, look no further than Hobie's Mirage Pro Anglers. These go far and shoot straight - perfect when out on open water!

Mirage Pedal Fishing Kayaks

As the kayak fishing industry continues to grow, Hobie continues to be the industry leader and powering ahead of its competitors by staying true to their original goal: producing revolutionary innovations and supplying high-quality products.

Hobie continues their efforts in R&D that help them create innovative equipment for anglers who appreciate a product made with quality over quantity.

Mirage Island Adventure

If you're ready to take your water hunting game up a notch, let the Mirage Island Trimaran be that special tool.

It's true: you 'can' keep pace with marlin in a kayak when under sail. You won't be able to keep up with these speeds in just any kayak!

The Hobie Mirage Fishing Kayak Series brings you fishing roots, modern toughness, and legendary durability. Hobie kayaks are versatile enough to go from choppy surf to glassy dune lakes with little need for adjustment, outfitted with the industry's most innovative fishing gear mounts that can be swapped effortlessly if, and when, your needs change.

The distinctive no-nonsense Hobie styling is at home on salt or fresh water alike, designed for exploring without limits - come see what all of the smart anglers are talking about.

Hobie fishing kayaks - where the thrill is in the catch

Love the outdoors and fishing? Get hooked on Hobie fishing kayaks.

Hobie's innovative kayaks will change any day trip into a fish catching adventure! It's not only about convenience though, because each one has been manufactured for passionate anglers, like you, who go above and beyond to make sure every single detail enhances your kayak expedition.

Don't stop there, either! In addition to putting together premium quality products for adventurous fishers, your kayak can be customised and upgraded using our extensive catalogue of kayak parts and accessories.

Experience the secret to fishing success!

Hobie Kayaks are designed for those who love fishing and want to make sure that they have everything they need on their next fishing adventure.

The Hobie Fishing Kayaks Series has been designed with industry leading innovative features.

Our kayaks come in different models to choose from -

  1. Mirage Pro Angler 360
  2. Mirage Pro Angler
  3. Mirage Outback
  4. Mirage Compass
  5. Mirage Passport
  6. Mirage Lynx
  7. Mirage Sport
  8. Mirage Island

- so there's one perfect for every kind of angler!